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The following areas within the area are well-known.


Population 3900. The industrial town is located on the north bank of the Black River. The mills for which it is named process grain and produce flour & beer. Government consists of a Council of Merchants who chooses a Lord Mayor and Guard Captain.


Population 280, mostly farmers with a few small merchants. The village is built around an ancient statue of a knight, Sir Gridley. It is governed by a sheriff named Hugh Atkins.


Population 50. Situated just downriver from Millhaven, it consists of not much more than an inn and a few crafters to support local farmers and any barges that prefer not to make port in Millhaven for whatever reason.


Population 40. Ravenmere boasts a blacksmith, church, and several farms. There is also a barn used as both a small tavern, and offers travellers a place to spend the night if they cannot make it to one of the nearby towns.

Main Page

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